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Fiscal Office

The Fiscal Office assists in the Department's financial operations, including the submission of the annual budget, monitoring and controlling expenditures, processing State paperwork such as travel and invoice vouchers, purchase requisitions, maintenance and service contracts, and all other budget-related transactions. The Fiscal Office also handles payroll submission, accrual and discharge of vacation, sick and personal hours, and payroll adjustments.

The Information Technology Unit is responsible for the purchase, operations, maintenance and repair of computers, phones, faxes, multifunctional machines and other technological equipment for the department including the Providence, Kent, Newport and Washington County offices.

An engineering firm conducted an evaluation of the current HVAC system and established a plan to replace and upgrade the system, which is original to the building. The bid process was conducted for the installation of a flashing along the top of the building to reduce water penetration. Elevator modernization was completed. Fiber lines and equipment were installed on each floor in preparation of upgrading the infrastructure of the computer wiring system.