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Domestic Violence / Sexual Assault Unit

The Attorney General's Domestic Violence / Sexual Assault Unit (DV/SA Unit) specializes in investigative oversight and the prosecution of cases involving domestic violence related crimes. The DV/SA Unit oversees the handling of all Providence County felony domestic violence cases and prosecutes misdemeanor cases that require special attention by the Unit. Each prosecutor within the Unit handles an average caseload of eighty cases and investigations. In addition, the DV/SA Unit participates in the statewide training of law enforcement personnel, medical personnel, and city/town solicitors. In large part, the unit training focuses on the improved collection of evidence by law enforcement and the successful prosecution of cases without the participation of the victim. The Department of Attorney General works closely with the Rhode Island Coalition Against Domestic Violence (RICADV) and the Sexual Assault and Trauma Resource Center (SATRC). The RICADV’s six member agencies provide services and shelter to victims of domestic violence.